Nina Beier and Marie Lund worked collaborativley together between 2004 and 2009.

“In the ongoing  Play me series, they instigate a range of abstract games for different groups to act out. Reminiscent of playground challenges, instructions such as ‘Hang on to the trees for as long as you all can’, or ‘Look in the window until someone looks back at you’, provoke individual competitiveness at the same time as encouraging collective effort.”

quotation from: laughing in a foreign language, exh. cat. hayward gallery, london 2008, p. 85. v



Gelitin is a Vienna based artist group. Since 1993 the main members Ali Janka, Florian Reither, Tobias Urban and Wolfgang Ganther either collaborate with other performers in selfmade installations or let the chosen act with participants. With their body and the use of physical strength they are oscillating between actionismus (what comes into mind: Wiener Aktionismus) and installation art – “Schlund, Flaschomat oder Schlammsaal” or “Kackabet” – and humours sculptures like “Urinstalaktitskulptur”.

Here some videos:

Or they arranged a Punk concert at their installation at Venice Biennale 2011.